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List view record 1: All her secretsList view anchor tag for record 1: All her secrets
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All her secrets

Shemilt, Jane2023
Julia is the perfect spouse, mother, cook, cleaner and speech writer to her husband, James. But behind it all is a stifled woman trapped in a gilded cage. When she meets Laurel, a therapist who promises fulfilment, Julia opens herself up to the hope of a different future. But what happened in Gre...
List view record 2: All us sinnersList view anchor tag for record 2: All us sinners
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All us sinners

Massey, Katy2024
Leeds, 1977. A chill lies over the city: sex workers are being murdered by a serial killer they are calling the 'Ripper', the streets creeping with fear. Tough, sharp, but tender, Maureen runs Rio's, a clean, discreet brothel in the city. She's a good boss who takes great care of her workers, esp...
List view record 3: Animal instinctList view anchor tag for record 3: Animal instinct
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Animal instinct

Clinton, Lee, 1947-2024
Large print
Four men calmly walked out of the Ozark Branch of the First National Bank with close to $50,000. It was the perfect hold-up - until it all went wrong. Shot as he rode away, Frank Jerome had a harsh choice. Should he try to make it back to Mississippi, or let the other three escape without being s...
List view record 4: The art of belongingList view anchor tag for record 4: The art of belonging
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The art of belonging

Ray, Eleanor2024
Large print
Grace's life is perfectly fine, thank you very much. A widow of seventy-two, she lives quietly; though hearing a little more from her daughter and granddaughter would be nice, she has her health, her friends, her over-sixties yoga (however reluctantly attended) - and, most of all, her weekly club...
List view record 5: The best way to bury your husbandList view anchor tag for record 5: The best way to bury your husband
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The best way to bury your husband

Casale, Alexia2024
Four new friends. Four dead bodies. One big problem . . . In this darkly funny story with a big heart, meet the four women who have two things in common- 1) they were all pushed too far in their abusive relationships, and 2) they all have a corpse to dispose of... Sally never meant to cave her hu...
List view record 6: Birds of a featherList view anchor tag for record 6: Birds of a feather
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Birds of a feather

King, Rhianna2024
Beth doesn't feel like she belongs in her rambunctious, bohemian family. Apart from the special relationship she shares with her grandma, Elise. When Beth wins the lottery (on a ticket she bought to prove she could be spontaneous), she decides to spend it on treating Elise. But instead of anythin...
List view record 7: Bone landsList view anchor tag for record 7: Bone lands
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Bone lands

Fioretti, Pip2024
1911, on a winter's night in arid New South Wales wool country, mounted trooper Augustus Hawkins discovers the bodies of three young people. They are scions of the richest family in the district, savagely murdered on a road that Hawkins should have been patrolling, had he not been busy bedding th...
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List view record 8: Bonfire nightList view anchor tag for record 8: Bonfire night
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Bonfire night

Bliss, Anna2024
Large print
London, 1936: At 21, Kate Grifferty is a press photographer in a Fleet Street agency, an unusual job for a young woman. But Kate is both talented and daring, recklessly going wherever the story might be - including, one October day, to an anti-fascism protest in East London. There, she meets Davi...
List view record 9: The break-up clauseList view anchor tag for record 9: The break-up clause
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The break-up clause

Hargan, Niamh2023
How do you get rid of an ex . . . When you've never actually broken up? When arrogant new colleague Benjamin swans into Fia's small office at her New York law firm, it's no secret they dislike - no, hate - each other. But there is one secret no one knows. The last time Fia and Benjamin saw each o...
List view record 10: The burning landList view anchor tag for record 10: The burning land
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The burning land

Hair, David, 1965-2023
The Falconsare knights of the Vestal Order, pledged to use their powers to protect the Empire of Talmont from the bestial Vyr and the carnage they have unleashed upon the world. When the Falcons take a Vyr alive, they go against the protocols of the Vestal Order and interrogate him. They are horr...
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List view record 11: The callList view anchor tag for record 11: The call
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The call

Strawhan, Gavin2024DS Honey Chalmers ; 1
"After surviving a brutal attack, Auckland cop DS Honey Chalmers has returned to her hometown to care for her mother. The remote coastal settlement of Waitutū holds complicated memories for Honey, not least the tragic suicide of her younger sister, Scarlett. Honey is hardest on herself. She let ...
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List view record 12: The country sistersList view anchor tag for record 12: The country sisters
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The country sisters

Tarpey, Sally2024Truscott family ; 2
Large print
1922. After the horrors of the Great War, the close-knit Truscott family returns to everyday life on their busy Hampshire farm. The two Truscott sisters are on very different paths. Kate is happily married to Albert, content to be a mother and farmer's wife. Her younger sister Dot sets her heart ...
List view record 13: The crimson mothList view anchor tag for record 13: The crimson moth
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The crimson moth

Ciccarelli, Kristen2024Crimson moth ; 1.
Enemies-to-lovers doesn't get more high stakes than a witch and a witch hunter falling in love. On the night Rune's life changed forever, blood ran in the streets. Now, in the aftermath of a devastating revolution, witches have been diminished from powerful rulers to outcasts ruthlessly hunted du...
List view record 14: Dancing with dandelionsList view anchor tag for record 14: Dancing with dandelions
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Dancing with dandelions

Cameron, Kelly2022Yass Valley ; 1
A small town becomes the home of a new Doctor, which catapults him into a love he will never forget. Sisters, Arabella and Grace Peterson, have been running the family farm in the hills of Yass Valley since their parents died. After an accident on horseback sends her into a coma, she rouses to be...
List view record 15: Days at the Morisaki bookshopList view anchor tag for record 15: Days at the Morisaki bookshop
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Days at the Morisaki bookshop

Yagisawa, Satoshi, 1977-2023Morisaki bookshop ; 2
The moving international sensation about new beginnings, human connection, and the joy of reading. Hidden in Jimbocho, Tokyo is a booklover's paradise. On a quiet corner in an old wooden building lies a shop filled with hundreds of second-hand books. Twenty-five-year-old Takako has never liked re...
List view record 16: The dog sitter detective takes the leadList view anchor tag for record 16: The dog sitter detective takes the lead
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The dog sitter detective takes the lead

Johnston, Antony2024Dog sitter detective ; 2
Large print
Gwinny Tuffel is preparing for her first acting role in a decade in the West End, but she is dog-sitting on the side to keep the wolf from the door. So, when ageing rock star Crash Double needs help with his Border Collie, she jumps at the chance. After all, looking after the charming Ace on Cras...
List view record 17: Empire of the damnedList view anchor tag for record 17: Empire of the damned
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Empire of the damned

Kristoff, Jay2024Empire of the vampire ; 2
Gabriel de León has saved the Holy Grail from death, but his chance to end the endless night is lost. Drawn into an uneasy alliance with the mysterious vampire Liathe, Gabriel must now deliver the Grail to ancients of the Blood Esani, and learn the truth of how Daysdeath might be finally undone....
List view record 18: Everyone on this train is a suspectList view anchor tag for record 18: Everyone on this train is a suspect
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Everyone on this train is a suspect

Stevenson, Benjamin2024Ernest Cunningham ; 2
Large print
When the Australian Mystery Writers' Society invited me to their crime-writing festival aboard the Ghan, the famous train between Darwin and Adelaide, I was hoping for some inspiration for my second book. Fiction, this time: I needed a break from real people killing each other. Obviously, that di...
List view record 19: The fake wifeList view anchor tag for record 19: The fake wife
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The fake wife

Bolton, S. J.2024
Large print
Olive Anderson is dining alone at a hotel when a glamorous stranger joins her table, pretending to be her wife. What starts as a thrilling game quickly turns into something dangerous. But as much as the fake wife has her secrets, Olive just might have more...
List view record 20: A feather so blackList view anchor tag for record 20: A feather so black
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A feather so black

Selene, Lyra2024Fair Folk ; 1
The Cruel Prince meets For the Wolf in a sizzling fantasy romance set in a world of perilous magic and moonlit forests, spinning a seductive tale of a changeling princess, her cursed sister, and the dangerous fae lord she must defeat to save her family. In a kingdom where magic has been lost, Fia...
List view record 11: The call

The call

Strawhan, Gavin2024DS Honey Chalmers ; 1
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