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The Library welcomes suggestions for purchase for items to be included in our collections. Although we endeavour to fulfil everyone's expectations in providing a balanced and relevant collection for all community members, we cannot fulfil all suggestions. Suggestions are considered by professionals within the context of broad appeal, content, budgetary constraints and adherence to our Collection Development Policy.

  Please note the following Conditions:

  • Before making a Suggestion for Purchase, please check the Library Catalogue  for existing copies.
  • Acceptance of the Suggestion for Purchase form is a not a guarantee that the item will be purchased.
  • Preference will be given to titles published within the last 12 months. If you wish to request an older book (published more than 2 years ago) consider an ILL request through LibrariesAustralia. [A fee applies for ILL]
  • Suggestions for titles more than 3 months in advance of publication cannot be processed. Please submit request closer to publication date.
  • When a suggested title is ordered, a reservation is automatically placed for you and we will notify you when it is ready for collection.
  •  Most succesful requests are ordered within days, however, they may take several weeks or months to be fulfilled by the supplier - so a degree of patience is required. Once ordered, the requested title will appear on the library's catalogue.  
  • When a suggested title is declined a short message indicating the request has been denied will be added to your library card and you will be advised when you next visit the library.
  • Goulburn Mulwaree Library reviews the magazine collection once a year. We may add new titles and/or remove titles where interest has waned.

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