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Kanopy is an on-demand film streaming service that provides access to over 30,000 films including classic Australian, independent and world movies and documentaries.

How to use Kanopy
1. To open Kanopy on your preferred digital device:
- download the app and watch from your tablet or smart phone
- use the Kanopy website to stream on your desktop web browser
- view from your smart TV web browser or connect your device to your television with Apple TV, Google Chromecast or an HDMI cable. 
2. Log in with your library membership card details.
3. Browse the collection and watch your favourite TV shows and films.

To get started, visit Kanopy

Please Note:  

  • Library members can watch up to ten films per month. Once you press play on a film, you have three days to view it as many times as you want. When you have reached your quota of films, you will not be able to play any films until the new month starts when you will be given a fresh quota of ten play credits again.
  • You will need an Internet connection to watch films on Kanopy. The films cannot be downloaded to your device. They only stream through the Internet.
  • You can access Kanopy from various Internet connections. The Kanopy video player incorporates an auto-bandwidth technology which tells Kanopy the strength of your Internet connection on an ongoing basis after you press play on a film. Kanopy encode every film into over 20 different quality levels so that they can optimize your viewing experience - if you have strong Internet connection, Kanopy will deliver a high quality video stream (in HD or otherwise); if you have a poor Internet connection, Kanopy will deliver you the video in the best quality that be handled by your Internet to minimize and avoid buffering.
  • We recommend an Internet speed of at least 5Mbps for an HD stream. If you have a low speed connection, your may receive a lower quality video file to ensure that you can view the program with no interruptions.
  • For Help please visit the Kanopy Support page