Library Notifications

Why has the library sent me an overdue notice for an item that I have returned?

The most common reason for this is that the notice was placed in the mail or emailed before you returned the item. You should login in to your account on the library catalogue or contact your local Library to see if the item is still on your account. If you think you have returned the item and it is still appearing on your account please advise Library staff and they will check the shelves for you.

Why do I have to pay an overdue fee when the Library didn't send me an overdue notice?

The library sends out overdue and reminder notices as a courtesy only. It is still your responsibility to remember to return items by the Due Date. Failure to receive an overdue notice is not accepted by the Library as a reason to waive fines. Please remember to let the Library know if your mobile number, postal or email address has changed.

SMS or email Notices

The quickest way to receive your reservation or overdue advice is by providing the Library with your mobile phone number or email address. 
If you choose to have notices by text or email, one advantage is that you will receive courtesy reminder notices BEFORE an item is due and starts accruing late fines.